The best hairstyles for naturally curly hair

Curly hair is a magical gift for this world and what better than to include these curls in any way possible? Our natural texture makes it incredibly easy to braid or comb our hair, and this texture is unique and should be loved.

Do you need new ideas on what to do with this beautiful curler? With these simple and correct hairstyles, you’ll be sure to do your best every day of the week.

Side note: Some of these styles work best with long curly hair. If you rock shorter curls, do not worry! We also wrote about the best hairstyles for short curly hair.

Goose bumps

One of the freest hairstyles is simply to give free rein to your natural curls. Depending on your hair type, it will take a minimal effort to decent, and the best way to achieve this is to really get to know your hair.

Find out what types of loops you have. Look for and try different products that you think will work for your hair. Many pharmacies sell samples of high-end products and LUSH still distributes free samples. This may require trial and error, but you will find the perfect products for your curls.

Most of the time, the curls require more effort and care than other types of hair, but trust me. The results are worth it.

hair bun

On the contrary, sometimes I just want to throw my hair in a bun and forget about it for the rest of the day. Personally, I try to get a messy bun – where some curls come out of the bun – but sometimes it takes a few times to get exactly the look you want.

For this hairstyle, I recommend working with loose hair ties if you are looking for a “messy” and narrow bun for a cleaner look.

Elegant low ponytail

For a cool look, try this elegant Curl Queen Jasmine Brown ponytail. The trick to this look, how many others? Tons of hair products.

Take a cream, gel, serum or combination of these products to smooth your curls and brush the product into your hair for a smooth look. Brush the product on the back of your hair, make sure to make a piece of side, then tie your hair in a ponytail. Complete the look with more product if necessary.

Room Rolls

I love rolls. You like space scrolls. We all love this beautiful galactic look. Half-height space breads have an incredible way of bringing out your curls. It’s a gentle way to keep some hair out of your face while letting your natural texture shine through.

For a super polished look, try making two smooth rolls with a gel or ointment of your choice. Remember: a little far! If you’re looking for the laid-back, have fun, forget the product and simply pull the front of your hair in two parts, twist and form two rolls at the top of the head. If you feel bigger, sweep the Space Buns of all your hair.

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