Why I wore a uniform for my summer internship

This summer, I made my first foray into the professional world with my first technical internship. I was so excited that I was able to learn more about my area of ​​work, network with various software developers and executives, and work on a project that helped my team. But while I was preparing for departure, there was always a question in me: what should I wear?

Over the past few summers, I had worked in restaurants where the dress code was pretty simple: as long as I wore the right colors and dressed properly, I could wear what I wanted, representing my style and personality. .

After a few days of thought and worry, I found the perfect plan: to wear a “uniform”. With only a handful of ups and downs of work (I opted for darker T-shirts and darker jeans), I took off the stress of getting dressed for my internship and focused on my best work.

Now that summer is over, I’ve put together a list of reasons why the unification of life has worked well for me. If you’re also worried about getting dressed at work, read on to see if wearing a uniform is right for you!

I did not have to buy a complete wardrobe for the job.

As a university student, I found it difficult to buy clothes just for this internship. Although I would definitely carry everything I bought after the summer, whether for job interviews or after graduation, my money and storage space is very tight, especially because Driving had to do my internship and come back. And if I could certainly get out of my work wardrobe in May, if my size or style had changed before?

Instead, I bought some shirts and pants and arrived with a pile of clothes that I already owned. Not only was it cheap, but I did not have to worry about storing all my clothes in my apartment (which did not have a dresser), and I do not have a lot of sharp clothes in my apartment. dormitory.

My morning routine was confusing.

Not only did I have to think about buying, storing or maintaining a wardrobe before and after the internship, but during my internship I did not have to worry about my work clothes.

This eased my morning routine because I stopped thinking about what I wore to be appropriate for my activities during the day, whether the clothes I wanted to wear were clean or whether I could put together a good outfit. If I had been too long to wake up to ride my car, I could always count on the clothes I needed to keep my work clean and ready to wear.

I never had to worry about what to wear.

One of the best reasons to wear a uniform is reliability. If you start out in the professional world and especially in the STEM fields, you must be able to navigate a variety of new situations – meet new people, visit different places and work in different environments.

I was able to design a uniform adapted to a wide variety of contexts, coffee with a leader at the campus to look for the surplus area, with minimal finishing touches: Costume and pants changed I could wear flat shoes or I could be quite casual wearing lightly washed jeans and black sneakers.

Anyway, I was comfortable and well prepared and I did not have to wonder if my clothes would make a difference in an unknown situation or not.

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