You only need these 4 jewels

Here is my unofficial list of essential jewels:

1. Simple pendant necklace

2nd round neck

3. studs

4. Earrings

Yes, you really only need four jewels. As mentioned in my university dress guide, jewelery is an integral part of the wardrobe, but in the end, it is better to have four high quality jewelry than forty pieces you do not like.

In this time of consumption, it is important to take a step back and think about what you really want to spend for your money. It is also best for the Earth to minimize the amount of consumer goods and goods you use!

The four jewels that I meet several times are simple, catchy and well done. I did not take bracelets or rings because I personally think they distract to be worn regularly. In addition, jewelry around your neck or face is more important in an outfit because people are in visual contact with you.

Here are my four best jewels and where I bought them:

1. Silver lotus flower necklace

This is my favorite jewel of all time; Lotus flowers are an important symbol in the religion I practice, Buddhism, and I love the fact that lotus flowers also represent the balance in life. It’s a beautiful and simple piece that goes well with any outfit. As my mother gave me a birthday present, it is also a meaningful necklace that comforts me.

When choosing your own necklace, look for something that matters to you, whether it’s a spiritual motive, your first star sign, or any other important symbol for your life. This makes it all the more special and a real signature piece.

Find a similar lotus necklace on Etsy.

2. Gold choker with faux gemstone accents
I got this necklace for free at Charming Charlie because I had a coupon; Talk about incredible! I love this necklace because it’s not like any other necklace I’ve seen since they became very popular.

The sweaters are easy to wear, from the round neck t-shirt to the soft dress. Yes, it’s “trendy” now, but a simple and elegant necklace like this will not be old after a few seasons. It’s something you can wear in the years to come.

It also has integrated gold and silver, so it’s easy to mix and combine with my other jewelry. I have neutral shades, so gold and silver can work for me, but you can definitely choose the metal color you prefer when you choose your perfect choker.

Find a similar choker on Etsy.

3. faux pearl ear studs
There is a reason why pearl studs are a classic: they go well with any outfit; even a sweatshirt and a messy bun. If, like me, you come from a very well-located area of ​​the east coast, it will not shock you, but listen to me, for people who are not in the bubble.

The pearls make you look more classic, more together and seriously thinking about getting ready. They will lift your outfit effortlessly, and as they are cream in color, they will go with everything you own.

Did I sell you on pearls? Since I’m losing pretty much those little guys, I recommend Artificial Pearl Jumbo Wrap from Amazon for a cheap commitment.

Find earrings similar to Banana Republic (for example, real and cheap pearl earrings for people who live together).

4. Minimal prism earrings
I bought these earrings during a recent vacation in France. They replaced the last silver earrings I had, and I absolutely love them. In addition, they cost only $ 8 at H & M and represent an absolute boon for quality and style unique and modern.

These earrings accentuate my face without overwhelming it, and they fit perfectly with my two indispensable necklaces. Black earrings like these are perfect for drawing attention to the face. Find a pair of clean, geometric lines for a minimalist look that can be styled in many ways.

Find a pair of similar earrings on Etsy.

You have it here: the only jewels I really need.
If you are a jeweler like me, you probably own more than four pieces. So, I tell you to throw everything away? No!

You should definitely be free to experiment and try new trends, and if you’re a ring or bracelet girl, your list of four must-have pieces will probably be different from mine.

Make sure your jewelry box has a solid foundation and your collection is not full enough to hide the pieces you love. Also, these sentimental pieces of your mother and your grandmother; You never know that you might need them!

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